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 Vehicle Lock Out Services

Have you accidentally locked yourself out of your vehicle? Call A's Affordable Towing for Immediate assistance!

A's Affordable Towing and Roadside Assistance offers quality emergency roadside services in Northern Virginia. Despite their best efforts, many motorists end up locked out of their vehicles. We are here to help! Our technicians are just a call away. We can be by your side in less than 20 minutes to get you back into your vehicle. No matter if you're locked out while at the gas pump in Alexandria, or while your vehicle is warming up in front of your home early morning before work in Springfield, A's affordable towing certified technicians are well experienced in unlocking vehicles of all makes and models. Our emergency vehicles are equipped with the proper lockout tools to open your vehicle quickly and without damages.

Why is it important to use professional Lockout services?

Damages from various objects used by motorists in attempt to get into locked vehicles are costly. Metal objects such as coat hangers, screw drivers, tree branches, and rocks can cause paint and door frame damages. Often weather strips are broken causing hissing noise while driving and water seepage into the vehicle when it rains. After many attempts, untrained people usually are not successful. Call A's Affordable towing for roadside assistance and we will unlock your vehicle damage free. We keep up with the ever changing automotive locking systems and tools necessary to successfully unlock your vehicle damage free.